Leadership Team

We have a team of certified consultant who was various capabilities and skill set to handle various projects.We have been growing rapidly, and capturing mind-share in specific communities. Techproinc brand positioning highlights the success of the company which has emerged as the fastest growing provider of IT Solutions & Services. The positioning exemplifies the performance of Techproinc, as a success system, which is powering the growth of its customers and employees. The way a Team is led will have a major impact upon the success or otherwise of the team. When asked what they want from a Team leader, Team members will often identify several values they would want a leader to hold :

  • Commitment to people as well as task is the first key element.
  • Desire to support and serve the team as well as lead from the front.
  • Enthusiasm, energy, inspiration and sufficient expertise.
  • Willingness to shoulder responsibility rather than pass the buck
  • Ability to make the team come together to achieve more than a group of individuals.

As agents of change, they help define the leadership journey and the visionary goal, and also help measure progress against achieving the vision throughout the change process. Our senior executives set direction, align constituencies and motivate individuals within the organization. We have some inspiring and interesting people leading the Techproinc.
            As a result, we believe in our vision just as strongly — we embrace these values just as passionately — as we did the first time we put them on paper. Our vision, our values, our commitment to outstanding sales and service for every customer, our diversified   business model, our relationship strategy, our belief in people as a   competitive advantage, our goal of consistent, sustainable revenue   growth — none of that has changed. In fact, our unchanging vision and   values and our time-tested business model are, more than ever, a   competitive advantage as our industry evolves and consolidates. If our vision and values continue to anchor us, then we believe solving every   problem, seizing every opportunity, and making every decision consistent   with our vision and values will guide us toward more growth and success not just this year but for decades to come.