SAP Mobile Development Suit

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The SAP Mobile Development Kit (MDK), which is integrated in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, offers you as developer or development consultant a comprehensive set of documentation and tools to develop applications for SAP MI. Before

beginning a development project, you must install the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio on your desktop PC or laptop.


The SAP Mobile Development Kit is part of the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.


The SAP MI Client Component was installed.

You have a good knowledge of:


Basic operating system tasks (navigation and file copy)

JSP (Java Server Pages)

HTML is helpful


General concepts of the SAP Web Application Server


The MDK offers an integrated and comprehensive set of documentation and tools to quickly allow you to:

Understand the development concept for SAP MI-based applications

Program SAP MI example programs

Develop, start, and test your custom programs

Find short, precise and helpful answers to all implementation-specific questions