Financial Services

Real time access to information and snapshot of operational performance.

Financial services firms are looking for ways to increase internal efficiencies, deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction, build awareness and customer adoption, and increase sales, and revenue metrics.

With Sojourner's award-winning platform, IT organizations can build and manage collaborations applications for their employees, partners, and customers. Through Sojourner, you can connect to your existing infrastructure and take advantage of applications across virtually every device: all desktops, smartphones and tablet operating systems.

Here are some of the financial services applications that we offer:

CFO Dashboard: Provides contextual snapshots that help CFOs gain insight and act on information anytime, anywhere.
  • Measures financial performance
  • Monitors significant trends
  • Drills down to details for full transparency, and
  • Helps optimize business decisions
  • Performance of various divisions
  • Model profitability at different levels of revenue and expense
Risk Intelligence Enterprise
  • Manage risk exposure across the multiple dimensions of market transactions, including counterparties, customers, sectors, and holdings.
  • Monitor trends, spot outliers, drill into details for full transparency, and react to rapidly changing market events, all within highly contextual visual media
  • Analyze the data, make the right decision, and initiate a transaction directly into the institutions trading and control systems
Brokers Investment Management
  • positions and associated risks at any time during the day so that they can support hedge funds most effectively
  • Manage a portfolio of customers and their investments
  • Rapidly monitor consolidated positions and exposures while visualizing key profitability and risk metrics
  • Compare customer performance, spot trends, manipulate data to simulate results, and highlight topics that require deeper analysis.
Consumer Banking and Performance Monitoring
  • Provides the latest banking statements, balances and deposit history and offer a multi-channel experience for customers by allowing them to do banking transactions while on the go regardless of device.
  • Provides necessary financial information to file and respond to regulatory requirements and inquiries
  • Visually intuitive graphical interfaces to allow business users to easily access information in an adhoc manner