Speed Approvals. Real Time Inventory. BI & Reporting.

The Sojourner platform comes with a suite of procurement applications to help you speed the procurement approval process, increase compliance, and visibility and access to real time information anytime, anywhere, on any device – desktop, smart phone device or tablets.

With Sojourner's award-winning platform, IT organizations can build and manage collaborations applications for their employees, partners, and customers. Through Sojourner, you can connect to your existing infrastructure and take advantage of applications across virtually every device: all desktops, smartphones and tablet operating systems.

Think about the possibilities of being able to:

Here are some of the financial services applications that we offer:

  • Save time by creating and approving purchase requisitions easily when you're on the go.
  • Track and monitor your customers and suppliers purchasing history.
  • Access any requisition any item from any supplier, and put it through your purchasing process for approval.
  • View what you have in your budget, so you'll know where you are before you approve.
  • Know what you currently have in inventory real time and run ad hoc reports

The following application solutions are what you will find in the center of Sojourner's award winning application platform:

Procurement Management

With the Sojourner Mobile application you can:
  • Get push notifications for requisitions and expense reports, so you can take action fast
  • Approve, reject, or hold requisitions and expense reports where you are the current approver in the approval chain
  • View your own recently created or approved requisitions

Service Request, Inventory and Invoice Management

Whether you have service request, IT inventory, an office supply closet or a manufacturing warehouse, Sojourner helps you track where everything is. You get real-time valuation of your inventory and alerts when key stock items are low.Whether your end-users get the goods shipped to them or you have a central receiving group, Sojourner has you covered.

Sojourner makes tracking inventory a snap by giving you three ways to create receipts:
  • End-user receiving (desktop receiving) – where the user views his/her requisition and indicates how much has been received
  • Quick Receiving by central receivers (e.g., your warehouse people) – the receiver indicates quantity received across multiple order lines
  • Detailed Receiving by central receivers – the receiver can put additional attributes on a single receipt and/or put the item into inventory

Supplier Management

  • Purchasing departments can securely connect their suppliers into their purchasing system to streamline and automate the ordering and invoicing process.
  • Sojourner checks for problems and flags anything that needs review before it goes out. For additional security, buyers have the final say on orders before they are sent to suppliers. If you make changes, Sojourner tracks your edits in revisions for easier audits.
  • Suppliers can receive P.O.s, acknowledge order receipt and submit invoices for payment. They can also manage their billing and contact information—making it even easier for suppliers to connect with buyers.

General Ledger Analysis and Reporting

Sojourner helps you keep more spend under management by letting users create purchase requisitions for any item from any supplier, and put it through the normal purchasing process for approval. Once the transaction is complete, capture the order confirmation number back into Sojourner for tracking and reporting.

Sojourner includes prebuilt dashboards and reports throughout every component of the suite. Wherever you are in Sojourner, your home screen includes a dashboard showing real-time metrics for what matters most in the area you're working on, so you have the visibility you need to take prompt action. From there, you can easily drill down into any area for more detail and/or run ad hoc reports.