360* View of the Customer. Multi-Channel Dashboard. TargetedMarketing.

Today's consumers shop when and where it's convenient. With consumers using new form factors like tablet computers and smartphones, retailers understand the importance of the right technology to provide this retail shopping experience. Brand loyalty comes with so much greater expectation. Consumers share their experiences with friends and family on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites, extensively browser product websites, and check online reviews when deciding what to buy. Are you providing the complete shopping experience to consumers? Sojourner™ award winning platform powered by Sita Corp was specifically created to deliver the complete shopping experience that requires retailers to be dynamic. Here are some of the solutions from your customer engagements to your back end office logistics and management in these key areas:

  • Smart Multi-Channel Management
  • Customer Care and Social Commerce
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Financial Management (GL/AP/AR)

Smart Multi-Channel Management

Sojourner offers a fully integrated multi-channel platform that allows retailers and wholesalers to move away from a siloed approach to a solution that lets them strategically plan and manage all their channels: Integrate multichannel administration/management to enable marketplace commerce, cross-channel flows, merchandising capabilities, insight and analytics Enable superior store systems to control user roles, interfaces to customer order management at the point of sales Help business leaders and managers understand the trends, changes, and opportunities most important to their specific business.

Customer Care and Social Commerce

Sojourner offers a comprehensive history of the customer from the initial contact through all their buying transaction enabling you to provide a more personalized service with access to real time information. With the help of Sojourner, you can grow your business by implementing promotions, discounts and coupons via social sites and redemption through other channels.

Supply Chain Management

Sojourner offers a collaborative supply chain solution features powerful analytics that help with complex decision making and connects companies to their global supply chain with complete transparency, giving fashion companies the tools they need to succeed in this competitive and ever-changing market.You gain intelligence for better forecasting, visibility to product lifecycle and purchasing workflow including: managing design images, product and raw materials development, purchasing and sample approval and cross distribution between stores and real time stock transfer updates.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sojourner provides an integrated CRM solution can drive greater collaboration among a company's customer-related systems, enabling you to better serve your customers and increase business through integrated marketing, sales, and service by providing your employees with the customer data and business intelligence analytics they need. Sojourner CRM helps you to create fast, integrated marketing messages for multiple customer segments, optimizing all customer interactions and turning even difficult customer service situations into opportunities.

Financial Management (GL/AP/AR)

Sojourner transform budget information into precise, workflow drive management tools with multiple variable, role base budgetary controls and audit trail with detailed analyses that allow you to define how you want to manage expenditures and gain greater control of procurement. Sojourner enable you to set up, view and manage the purchase order commitments, in a general ledger format including managing workflow items with respect to yea-end processing.